Certificate of Analysis Page

We believe all customers have a right to know exactly what is in the product they are purchasing. To ensure transparency and help consumers make the right CHOICE, our Certificate of Analysis page tells you what is behind the magic in each bottle.
You can find your product batch number located on the label of every CHOICE product.
LOQ : Limited of Quantitation. CHOICE’s THC levels are lower than any level of concentration that an analyte can reliably detect.


Batch Number Third Party Lab Laboratory Report Date CBD Concentration THC
AA/00225/B3 Eurofins 04.05.20 5.4% <LOQ
AA/00226/B3 Eurofins 04.05.20 10.9% <LOQ
AA/00227/B3 Eurofins 04.05.20 10.8% <LOQ
AA/00228/B3 Eurofins 04.05.20 21.5% <LOQ
AA/00229/B3 Eurofins 04.05.20 10.4% <LOQ
AA/00230/B3 Eurofins 04.05.20 21.1% <LOQ
AA/00231/B3 Eurofins 04.05.20 10.9% <LOQ
AA/00232/B3 Eurofins 04.05.20 11.0% <LOQ
AA/00233/B3 Eurofins 04.05.20 11.0% <LOQ