Knowing that there are no known, severe side-effects to using CBD is certainly reassuring, but to guarantee optimal efficacy, how much CBD should you take? Thankfully, more studies are emerging that set out to determine optimal CBD dosage. 

A 2017 study named “An Update on Safety and Side Effects of Cannabidoil: A Review of Clinical Data and Relevant Animal Studies”, not only concluded CBD to be a relatively safe treatment, but it acknowledged several studies with dosages ranging anywhere between 20 and 1,500 milligrams (mg) per day. Referring to this and other research, Healthline asserts that the amount of CBD you should take depends on a range of factors which include: your body weight, the condition you’re treating, your own individual body chemistry, and then the concentration of CBD, whether that be in pill form, capsule drop, or gummy.

Although CBD is relatively safe, there may be a narrow possibility that CBD could interact with some prescription medications you are taking. Therefore, if you are in any doubt, it is recommended you consult with your doctor or a medical professional before taking any CBD products.

If your GP or another healthcare professional are not in a position to provide dosage recommendations, it is best to start off with a smaller CBD dosage and work your way up. This might entail starting with 20 mg/d, moving up to 40 mg/d if pain or other ailments are not showing signs of improvement. After one week, you could increase the dosage by 5 mg/d, continuing until effective treatment is perceived.

A study of cannabidoil usage to control anxiety entitled ‘Cannabidoil in Anxiety and Sleep: A Large Case Study” administered dosages ranging between 25 mg/d to 175 mg/d, which were lower than doses reported in some clinical literature (300 mg/d to 600 mg/d). However, anxiety scores decreased rapidly, and this decrease was sustained throughout the study period. Therefore, it could be concluded that lower doses elicit an adequate clinical response in relation to anxiety and sleep. This is why we suggest working your dosage levels up slowly from lower doses.

Drops and Dosage

Thankfully, to put dosage into perspective, most CBD oils are sold in 10ml bottles. One drop is considered to be about 0.05 millilitres (ml), meaning that a bottle contains circa 200 drops.  

CBD tinctures tend to be sold in three strengths: A 5% 500mg tincture, a mid-strength 10% 100mg tincture and a higher-strength 20% 2000mg tincture.

A guide of 2 to 3 servings per day is recommended. However, the number of drops or measurements per initial servings can be arrived-at by considering one’s body weight and the severity of one’s condition/pain.  


Let’s firstly examine the 5% 500mg tincture. For mild symptoms/pain, those with bodyweight under 70KG might start by taking ¼ of a pipet. Individuals weighing between 70 and 100KG can take ½ a pipet and those over 100kg 2/3 of a pipet.

For conditions and pain considered medium in severity, the sub-70kg group should administer 1/3 of a pipet. Those within the 70-100kg weight-range can take 2/3 of a pipet, and individuals weighing over 100KG are recommended to opt for the higher-strength 10% CBD tincture.

For severe conditions and pain, those under the 70KG threshold should consume ½ a pipet. Those between the 70-100G range, 1 pipet, and people weighing over 100KG are advised to try the higher-strength 10% 100MG tincture.


When using a 10% 1000mg CBD tincture, mild symptoms/pain can be treated as follows: Those weighing under 70KG might like to start on just 3 drops per serving. Those weighing between 70 and 100kg could try ¼ of a pipet dosage, and people weighing over 100KG could increase the dosage to around 1/3 of a pipet.

Those experiencing medium severity of their condition or pain, and weighing under 7-KG, are recommended to take 4 drops of CBD.  People weighing between 70 and 100KG can take 1/3 of a pipet, and those weighing over 100KG can try taking ½ a pipet.

For more severe conditions and pain, people weighing under 70kg are recommended to take ¼ of a pipet, those weighing between 70 and 100kg, 1/2 of a pipet, and those over 100kg can take 2/3 of a pipet.


The higher strength 20% 2000mg CBD tincture carries the following initial dosage guidelines: Those experiencing mild symptoms/pain and weighing under 70KG are initially recommended to try a lower-strength tincture i.e. the 10% CBD oil.

Where the severity of condition/pain is considered medium, again, those weighing under 70KG are advised to use a lower-strength CBD oil. Those weighing between 70 and 100 KG are advised to take 3-4 drops, and people over 100kg to consume ¼ of a pipet.

For severe symptoms/pain, the under 70KG weight-group should administer just 2-3 drops of 20% CBD oil; the 70-100kg group ¼ of a pipet and those weighing over 100KG should start-out taking 1/3 of a pipet.