Whether you own a national chain of pharmacies or you are a sole proprietor looking to expand your business, Choice can offer a wholesale solution specific to your needs.

Choice’s minimum order quantity is 6 units per line item with an increased discount on larger orders.

Choice offers 35% discount for orders under 30 units per line item and 40% discount for orders over 30 units.

When you’ve been approved as a Choice Wholesaler, you will be provided with a welcome pack. This pack will include a Guide to Choice CBD, Choice marketing material and access to a dedicated customer service helpline.

By proceeding to the checkout you agree not vary the sale price of any Choice product by more than 10% of the retail price listed on this website. If you need to change the price to a greater variance than 10% you will require written permission from a member of the Choice Team.

Choice wholesaler customers will be able to generate attractive margins on all of Choice’s high quality CBD products – in return we ask you to act professionally and ethically when representing the Choice brand.