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Wholesale Choice CBD

Choice has an expanding wholesale community throughout the UK. We are committed to the development of long and successful relationships with our trade partners, to offer high quality products that consumers can trust.

Whether you own a national chain of pharmacies or you are a sole proprietor looking to expand your business, Choice CBD can offer a wholesale solution specific to your needs.

What to expect when becoming a Choice CBD Wholesaler

When you’ve been approved as a CBD Wholesaler, you will be provided with a welcome pack. This pack will include a Guide to Choice CBD, Choice marketing material, branded retail display units and access to a dedicated customer service helpline.

Choice CBD Wholesale Pricelist

Choice CBD is able to cater for any size of business. Our minimum order quantity is 6 units of each product line with greater discounts on larger orders.

Choice CBD will only operate with individuals and companies that operate within UK Trading Regulations and maintain high level of standards.
Choice Wholesaler’s will be able to generate attractive margins on all of Choice’s high quality CBD products – in return we ask you to act professionally and ethically when representing the Choice brand.

Choice CBD – Drop Shipping Option

If this is of interest, please contact us via the contact page

Our CBD drop shipping scheme allows Choice to take care of all the shipping whilst you work on marketing your business. It allows you to place orders via the Choice shop and our team will deliver to your customer’s address at a percentage below RRP.

Choice will provide free UK shipping as part of this service.


As an extension of Choice CBD you are required to provide a 5* service and to be mindful of the content you produce.

Applicants must have a valid online payment system, eligible for CBD products that is ready to take payments.

Drop shipping associates will take responsibility for any pre or post sales support.

Social Media partners must have a minimum of 2,000 followers.

Choice CBD Marketing Partners

If this is of interest, please contact us via the contact page

The Choice CBD Marketing Partnership allows you to earn commission on any sales that are generated from the traffic sent to our store from your website / blog / social feed.